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If you put off replacing your old heating and air conditioning unit for too long, it is probable that you will end up not having cold air for some period of time.  Most often, this occurs during summer heat waves and can be very uncomfortable and potentially very dangerous.  It is important to have regular maintenance and service on your equipment as well as to plan ahead to replace your system when it is showing signs of age or simply not working properly or efficiently. Your local heating and air conditioner service provider can assist you in determining what your needs are and what options would best meet them.

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When should an air conditioning unit be replaced?

If your unit is more than 10 years old, you should begin searching for a replacement with a licensed HVAC (or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) service provider and plan ahead before the hot weather arrives in the summer.  If you have an older air conditioning system and you notice an increase in your electric bill or if you experience a decrease in the overall effectiveness of your system, it is time to replace it.

A local heating and air conditioning service provider near you should complete the installation in a relatively short period of time, it requires a thorough evaluation by a professional and experienced HVAC contractor who can provide you with all relevant options and customize a solution to meet your needs.

Your heating and air conditioning system should keep you cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather.  Keep in mind that some residential buildings only have a heating system.  An air conditioning system or components may be added to a heating-only system.

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How long will it be before I have to replace the new one?

With proper installation and regular maintenance, most equipment is designed to last 10-15 years.  However, if your system was installed in an unprofessional manner or not according to manufacturer specifications and proper building codes, it can fail much sooner than otherwise expected.  Additionally, not having your system regularly maintained can also have a dramatic impact on its overall lifespan.

How to Keep your heating and air conditioning system in top shape?

Make sure you have a regular maintenance plan in place with a professional HVAC contractor who is knowledgeable and possess the necessary certifications and abilities.  The benefits of regular maintenance are many:

  • Regular maintenance can help a trained technician to identify problems with a system before those problems become serious or, even worse, an emergency.
  • Regular maintenance will prolong the life of a system by ensuring proper operation and cleanliness. (Dirt build up can lead to equipment malfunctioning.)
  • Maintaining a clean system will provide improved capacity to move air throughout the house, lower energy costs, and provide much better air quality for you and your family to breathe.
  • Regular maintenance will ensure that manufacturer warranties are kept valid.
  • Systems that are not maintained properly can be extremely hazardous. They can leak dangerous chemicals like gas or carbon monoxide.  They can also leak water causing damage to other parts of the home.

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Is it really essential to get my unit serviced once a year?

It is impossible to overstate how important it is to keep your unit in good working order. If you fail to maintain your unit on a yearly basis, you may find yourself ineligible for any manufacturer claims or warranties so before you start googling for “heating and air conditioning service near me” you need to be aware that HVAC system maintenance is an ongoing once a year process.

What size of air conditioning unit should I be searching for in order to cool my home comfortably?

Structural considerations such as attic space, vaulted ceilings, square footage, sunlight exposure, single vs. double-pane windows, regional temperature considerations, etc. as well as your personal lifestyle preferences such as number of family members residing in the home, preferred temperature settings, pricing considerations, etc. all have a dramatic impact on what equipment will best suit your needs.

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How do I find a heating and air conditioning service near me who I can trust?

Heating and air conditioning technology has come a long way in recent years.  Newer systems are highly efficient, can reduce your energy costs,  operate reliably, and keep you and your family comfortable.  Additionally, newer equipment is much more environmentally friendly to operate.

If you are in need of a good reliable Los Angeles air conditioner repair service near you, you should  simply Google “air conditioning service near me” or ask for a referral recommendation from a trusted friend or family member.  However, before hiring any contractor or repair technician, it is extremely important to check that they possess all the proper professional licenses and insurances to conduct business in your area and that those documents are current and in good standing.

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