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Furnace Repair Lakewood

NRG Heating and Air Conditioning is a top-rated, award-winning HVAC contractor with close to 35 years of experience serving homeowners all over Lakewood, Los Angeles, and greater California. We have grown to be one of the best contractors in the state that can help you with a seamless furnace repair in Lakewood. And we guarantee high-quality furnace repairs that are carried out in record time with some of our best technicians. So, if you need immediate, professional, and effective furnace repair in Lakewood, NRG Air is the expert contractor to turn to. Plus getting the best service is easier more than ever. Contact us today and our elite team will be there right away to repair your furnace.

Today’s furnaces have more features, higher efficiency rates, and come at increasingly higher costs. So, highly efficient repairs and service are super important if you want your furnace to perform at optimally efficient levels. We are just a phone call away from resolving your furnace problems in Lakewood. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Do I need Furnace Repair in Lakewood?

You need furnace repair or service if you’re your unit is displaying any of the following signs;

  • The age of your furnace; The average life span of a furnace is 20 years, so if your furnace age is not up to 15 years it is still advisable to go for repairs and service.
  • The frequency of repairs; The frequency of repairs can indicate if something is wrong with your furnace or not and if a repair will be cost-effective for you.
  • Increased Energy Bills; Once you start noticing an increase in the cost of heating without an increase in usage, that is a sign that something is amiss.
  • Low or uneven heating; If the heat is not distributed efficiently it can be cause for repair or service.
  • Yellow flames; If the burning flame is yellow all through, call NRG right away, that is a sign of incomplete combustion.

Whenever you notice these problems and signs, especially uneven heating, yellow flames, or increased energy bills, feel free to call NRG Air. You prevent more damage this way and save on repair costs. Our team can help you repair all major brands and can help you with the OEM replacement where necessary.

Faster and More Efficient Furnace Repair and Service in Lakewood

On a general note, however, you will not need repairs too often if you regularly service your furnace. This is why we offer routine service and maintenance too as part of our service. In order to ensure every homeowner in Lakewood has a furnace working optimally at all times. Furnace repair becomes inevitable when your furnace suddenly breaks down or stops functioning gradually, losing its preferred performance. If this is you and you need emergency service, reach us immediately and we will dispatch service professionals who will fix your furnace immediately.

NRG Heating and Air Conditioning is a leading furnace repair company in Lakewood for good reason. Our repair process is detailed and designed to bring you’re the best results. Plus, our entire team is composed of highly trained, skilled, and certified technicians who truly want the best results. We keep you informed and comfortable throughout the repair process with clear client communication and unparalleled customer service.

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