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Furnace Replacement Woodland Hills

Do I need furnace replacement in Woodland Hills? How long will my furnace last? Are questions we hear almost all the time. Furnaces like everything do not last forever. At one point in time, they would need replacement after long years of efficient service of course. That is why it is our responsibility at NRG Heating and Air Conditioning to not only help with quality furnace replacement and installation but to also help you extend its lifespan and functionality for as long as possible.

Average Furnace Lifespan in Woodland Hills

Knowing the expected lifespan of your furnace is one thing, knowing what you can do to help you extend that lifespan is another thing. The service life of any machine depends on several factors as it is with furnaces too. we can help you delay the inevitable for as long as possible, provide you with regular service, urgent repairs, and maintenance to maximize the furnace lifespan before replacement. The average lifespan of a typical furnace is about 23 years. Some can last for more than 40 years and some under 10 years. It all depends on how well it is maintained.

How Long Will My Furnace Last Before Replacement?

To answer some of your questions, it is very possible to extend the service life of your furnace with a host of different factors. Some of which NRG Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you with. Here are some of the factors that will affect how long your furnace will last:

  • The relative age of your furnace: A newer model furnace will last longer than an older model furnace due to advances in materials, parts, and technology. So this is dependent on your buying and replacement decision.
  • The frequency of maintenance: regular maintenance is the most important factor on this list. To prolong the furnace life you should keep the furnace in an optimum condition at all times (clean and efficient). NRG Heating and Air Conditioning will handle your replacement and maintenance in woodland hills
  • Moisture levels: excessive moisture can cause premature repairs and breakdowns. Keep your furnace environment dry with proper ventilation.
  • A quality installation: A faulty installation will reduce efficiency up to 30% and will often lead to excess moisture and inefficient air distribution which can cause a host of other problems. Correct furnace replacement in Woodland Hills starts from the installation, that is why we prioritize quality installation at NRG Heating and Air Conditioning.

When Should I Replace My Furnace in Woodland Hills?

There are too many variables and factors at play to just give a one fits all answer. In any case, you can speak to one of our professionals to help narrow down the variables to achieve an accurate answer. That said, there are certain tell signs you can look out for to determine when a replacement may be necessary.

  • Aged and faulty: 15 plus years old
  • Constant replacement of similar parts.
  • Provides weak output
  • Shows no improvement after service and repair
  • Cannot handle heating the given space

A common rule is to replace a furnace when the repair is over 50% of the cost for a full replacement. With NRG Heating and Air Conditioning, your furnace replacement in Woodland Hills will lead to greater savings in the long run because we only approve replacement when it is cost-effective.

Contact us to discuss your replacement options before making a decision.

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