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Guide to Air Purification

In an average home, many contaminants exist inside. The indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than outdoor air. To improve the air quality we use ventilation that moves fresh air in an old, stale air out, but many homes require the help of air purifiers to remove contaminants. Installing air purifiers proves to be one of the best options to improve the air quality at your place. The space of the place needs to be considered while you install an air purifier.

When you install air purifiers, whether they use filter media or UV lights for air purification they need to be installed by an HVAC professional. These air purifiers are necessary components of your HVAC system and must work properly with your heating and cooling equipment to deliver the best of it. Air purifiers help to remove pet dander and hair, mold spores, pollen, smoke, dust, bacteria, viruses, smells, fumes from our place. To improve the air quality making use of air purifiers and air purification systems are highly recommended. Whole-home air purifiers deliver better coverage whereas portable ones are often more affordable.

Most of the air purifiers are made of using filter media or UV light to trap or neutralize airborne contaminants in your home. Air purifiers need maintenance such as of changing the filter or cleaning media filter if it is used, or with UV lightbulb changes in UV air purification systems. Many times this maintenance is only required once or twice per year in whole-home systems, while it may be needed more frequently in portable units.

Air purification systems are extremely effective for the removal of common allergens such as pollen, dander, dust, and more. Air purifiers also help to eradicate smells from your home, leaving you with fresher smelling indoor air. There is a wide range of great air purification products available in the market, Call NRG Heating and Air Conditioning today: (800) 880-0004 and we’ll help you improve your system.

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