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Heat Pump Package Units

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They go the extra mile

NRG is always prompt and very hard working. A very satisfying experience. They go the extra mile and have come to investigate a problem and have not charged us for the visit.

Tobey Dodge

Very happy with installation

Very happy with installation of my 3 zone heating system. No need to heat 2nd floor while we’re only occupying first floor and guest get to control their own temp in the “guest suite”. Installers were courteous and system is fuel efficient. Job was completed on time and clean-up was accomplished to my total satisfaction.

Annetta Fondern

Very happy with their work and help

do not understand the negative reviews. I was treated professionally, courteously, and with expedience. Their team and my drywall team worked together to put up a new soffett, run the lines, and then put up the plaster and paint. The job looks great and the place is cool right now. Very happy with their work and help.

Marco P.

Absolutely Amazing

NRG technicians who replaced my system were absolutely amazing. They replaced the whole thing: AC, furnace and some of the vents. The poor guys come out all dusty out of it, but left my house without a grain of dirt on the floor. They also installed an attic vent at no charge. Great guys!

John M.

Nice job!!!

Got the A/C unit installed within a week from we signed the contract. Everything went well since then. Nice job!!!


Very pleased and I am a picky person!

Al C came to my house and fixed my 40 year old heater. Not only that, he ensured that my air cond. worked before he left. If he did not do that, I would be making another service call in the summer to find that the thermostat that I bought did not work with my air. He was really professional and did a great job. He did not leave until he made sure it all worked. I was very pleased and I am a picky person!

Dawn C.

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