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Los Angeles Heating and Air Conditioning 101 for Your Home

You have probably been thinking about getting a quality air conditioning system for your home but lack the avenue to seek answers. Well, you can be rest assured that there are a lot more people who are in the same boat, and that’s why we have compiled this fact sheet to help you navigate through to your first purchase of an Air conditioning system for your home.

What is an HVAC System?

Thought the term air conditioning system is popular, it is simply a smaller unit within the larger HVAC system which comprises a Heating component, Cooling element, Ventilation and Air conditioning. Therefore, before going to a air conditioning expert, you should first understand that an HVAC system comprises all these utilities in one and therefore an HVAC expert would be better suited for all your air conditioning needs.

Is My Home Suitable for Air Conditioning?

Nearly every home should be suited for air conditioning. There are many types and varieties of air conditioning systems and the choice of one over the other depends on a range of considerations such as the layout, size, budget and even orientation of your Los Angeles crib. You have a choice between central air conditioning with ventilation options or you can opt for room-based air conditioning whereby each spot or room has its own thermostat.

Should I Replace my Existing HVAC system?

Generally HVAC systems last up to around 20 years. In fact, some air conditioning systems have lasted close to 30 years based on the owner’s maintenance and the conditions the systems were in. Most experts however advise that AC systems require constant checking once they hit 10 years as this is the point they start showing areas of disrepair. Make sure you get a competent Los-Angeles HVAC contractor to conduct an assessment for you, so that you can be fully assured that your system will be reliable.

How Much Should I expect to Spend on a New AC System?

It is now apparent that you require a new AC system. This reality is an expensive one, but if you have prepared well in advance for it, then you should be comfortable with the decision to get a new AC rather than spending on further repairs. Most new ACs now cost about $2500 inclusive of installation. Some pricier options are available depending on what other features you’ll need. For example if you need automation, then you’ll add extra amounts ranging from $1500 to $3000 depending on the level of automation. This figure is likely to go down the more 4G and 5G technologies become main stream.

For a more budget friendly option you can choose an external cooling system such as a furnace to reduce the overall burden of your HVAC system.

In essence, ensure you get a good assessment from a credible los angeles air conditioner repair contractors to ensure you get the very best advice before making a purchase. An expert is likely to make the right recommendations on where you can cost cut and which areas you’d need to add for the right balance for your home.

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