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Because heating and air conditioning systems wear out over time, it is better to start looking around for a replacement unit before things come to a halt. Having to rush around at the last minute to find a replacement unit to take care of your heating and air-conditioning can be a hassle, but if you know when to start preparing, you won’t be caught off guard. If your unit starts showing signs of wear and tear, like drawing more electricity than before or requiring more refills than before, you should take it as a sign that the time for this unit is running out. As soon as you start thinking about hitting the search on “heating and air companies near me”, chances are that your system is no longer safe to use and probably needs replacement.

Is it a big deal to replace a unit?

If your home has never had air-con installed, you will probably need to consider the types of components you will need to install before you can roll out the rest of the system.

Without a drain, a cooling unit will malfunction, so ensuring that the water that the system generates is vented away is central. A heating and air conditioning unit will require components like evaporator coils and condensers at different points of the system. Although the installation process is often perceived as a drag, it can be completed within a day or so.

How much time can I expect to get out of my unit?

Although a heating and air conditioning unit can last anywhere between ten and fifteen years – modern ones, that is – a well-designed and well-maintained unit will set you up for success. If the system runs for long hours on end or is subject to experiencing many power failures, it might not last as long as expected.

How do I work out how big my system should be?

Consulting with a specialist before installing a system is something you will never regret. An accredited consultant with the proper insurance and licensing will be able to assess your home based on its square footage area, how much heat and light are likely to escape or enter via the windows, all the way down to the number of occupants, an unexpected factor in planning your system!

A sufficient analysis will help you to set up an energy-efficient system that can deliver optimal performance while saving you money by not wasting heating and cooling energy and by being optimised to your specific space.

Should I perform maintenance on my unit every single year?

Any piece of equipment that performs at high levels and which is run for long periods at a time will need maintenance. Constant heavy usage does open up the likelihood of wear and tear, and without adequate maintenance, not only can operating the unit become dangerous due to the risk of malfunction, but it can also end up costing you more money in the long run if more extensive repairs are required.

I’d like to extend the lifespan of the unit – what can I do?

Again, regular maintenance is the single best thing you can do for your unit – and not just a DIY quick clean; a good service, where filters are cleaned or replaced, and all other moving parts are checked for serviceability.

Clear areas that could contribute to leaves, dust, and other junk ending up in the system. A good sweep of the surrounding area can keep rubbish out. Check the layout of your furniture to ensure optimum airflow to prevent the unit from needing to overcompensate. Use windows, blinds, and curtains to keep the heat out and keep the system running efficiently.

Heating and cooling are more pivotal to our experience of comfort than we realize – imagine going through the heat of summer, enjoying the cool generated by an aircon, when suddenly it breaks. We have all experienced this discomfort to some level. The reverse is also true if you’ve ever had the displeasure of facing winter without a reliable source of artificial heat. That is no fun at all!

The beauty of modern air conditioning systems is that, thanks to modern technology, it has never before been as efficient to run a domestic air-conditioner as now. It is well worth the effort to see what is out there, as the options are endless and the benefits of such a system are immense.

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