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Indoor Air Quality

indooor-air-quality-los-angeles Homeowners throughout Southern California are often concerned about pollution and air quality, especially given that air quality can directly impact health. However, most people think only about the quality of air outdoors, when in reality, indoor air quality is often far worse than what is found outside. If you or your family has been dealing with headaches, sinus problems, or trouble breathing, it could be time to do some home air quality testing on your home. There are many reasons why indoor air quality is poor and on the decline in many areas. While keeping homes sealed against the outside environment can help with indoor air quality and energy efficiency. It can also reduce airflow and lead to a buildup of toxic and harmful substances in the air you breathe. If your home or office has poor ventilation, contaminated air can accumulate to dangerous levels. This is why it is essential to contact a certified indoor air quality professional for home testing.

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Here are some of the most common causes of indoor air pollution: 1. Household Gases and Combustion Stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, space heaters, and even tobacco smoke are the most prevalent forms of pollution in our homes. Combustion releases carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide into the air. These can cause everything from headaches to shortness of breath and even death. 2. VOC’s Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are in the products we use in our homes and offices. Things like paint, glue, hairspray, printer ink, even our shower curtains can give off these volatile compounds. The vapors from these products can cause headaches and nausea. This is often called ‘sick building syndrome,’ and if you’re noticing these symptoms at work, it’s a good indication your building needs to have commercial indoor air quality testing done. Another common VOC found in Southern California is a pesticide. If you’ve ever sprayed for bugs in your home, those pesticides are typically toxic. And even if you choose to use a non-chemical form of pesticide, if the toxic form has ever been used in your home or office, it tends to stick around. It can linger in the carpets and walls, and if you use chemical pesticides outdoors, that can be easily tracked in on your families’ shoes. 3. Mold and Mildew Mold and mildew pop up quite a bit in homes and offices around the Southern California Bay Area. Warm, humid conditions encourage mold and mildew growth. You’ll typically notice outbreaks in moist areas—like bathrooms and basements. If you’ve had any type of leaking or flooding, the mold can grow and spread quickly under carpets, beneath baseboards, even behind appliances. If you notice you have sinus congestion or trouble breathing, it’s a good idea to check for a mold outbreak. In fact, mold has even been tied to the development of childhood asthma. 4. Pet Dander and Rodent Droppings If you have pets, you’re almost always plagued by pet hair and dirt. The dander pets create and the dirt they track in can accumulate in your HVAC system and pollute the air. Additionally, bugs and rodents leave bacteria and droppings behind, which will pollute your indoor air over time. These can trigger allergic reactions, with symptoms growing worse over time. ​​Whether you’re in a commercial building or a home, if you’re having frequent, unexplained headaches, trouble breathing, or frequent sinus congestion, it may be a good idea to test the quality of your indoor air. Indoor air quality testing for commercial buildings and homes is a simple, affordable process that can save lives and ease your mind. Research shows people spend 90% of their lives indoors. In these sealed confines – homes, schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses, plants, showrooms – in ANY enclosed area, everyone breathes in polluted air. ​Commercial buildings can be particularly problematic when it comes to air quality. Therefore Indoor Air Quality Testing for commercial buildings is also necessary. ​Manufacturing chemicals, air fresheners, and cleaning products are everywhere in commercial buildings. Between the typical allergens and the more location-specific ones (like large quantities of printer toner), people can experience short-term and long-term health problems. Testing that leads to the elimination of pollution sources in commercial buildings can mean the difference between a vital, high-performing workforce and a chronically ill, unproductive one. At NRG Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a complete line of air quality solutions, including the most advanced products on the market to combat allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne contaminants and pathogens with professional indoor air quality solutions. When you want the very best in indoor air quality, give us a call! Our expert technicians will provide the answers you need to make your home more comfortable and improve the air your family breathes.

They go the extra mile

NRG is always prompt and very hard working. A very satisfying experience. They go the extra mile and have come to investigate a problem and have not charged us for the visit.

Tobey Dodge

Very happy with installation

Very happy with installation of my 3 zone heating system. No need to heat 2nd floor while we’re only occupying first floor and guest get to control their own temp in the “guest suite”. Installers were courteous and system is fuel efficient. Job was completed on time and clean-up was accomplished to my total satisfaction.

Annetta Fondern

Very happy with their work and help

do not understand the negative reviews. I was treated professionally, courteously, and with expedience. Their team and my drywall team worked together to put up a new soffett, run the lines, and then put up the plaster and paint. The job looks great and the place is cool right now. Very happy with their work and help.

Marco P.

Absolutely Amazing

NRG technicians who replaced my system were absolutely amazing. They replaced the whole thing: AC, furnace and some of the vents. The poor guys come out all dusty out of it, but left my house without a grain of dirt on the floor. They also installed an attic vent at no charge. Great guys!

John M.

Nice job!!!

Got the A/C unit installed within a week from we signed the contract. Everything went well since then. Nice job!!!


Very pleased and I am a picky person!

Al C came to my house and fixed my 40 year old heater. Not only that, he ensured that my air cond. worked before he left. If he did not do that, I would be making another service call in the summer to find that the thermostat that I bought did not work with my air. He was really professional and did a great job. He did not leave until he made sure it all worked. I was very pleased and I am a picky person!

Dawn C.

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