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What You Should Know About Mini-Split Heat Pumps

An installation of a Mini-Split Heat Pump can prove to be beneficial in saving you energy, but what exactly is it?

With the help of several lists were created to provide you with all the information you should know about Mini-Split Heat Pumps.

Here is a description of Mini-Split Heat Pumps to help define it:

  • Mini-Split technology combined with Heat Pump system
    • The Heat Pump is responsible for transferring heat from the air outdoors into your home for a warming effect or to remove heat located indoors to the air outside for a cooling effect.
  • Individual temperature controls for each room/zones through air handlers installed indoor that work alongside the condenser/compressor located outside your home.

Advantages of Mini-Split Heat Pumps:

  • Flexibility for heating/cooling rooms
  • Installation
    • Small, Concealable, Customizeable, & less invasive
  • Ductless
  • Long-term energy efficiency

Disadvantages to consider

Depending on your individual concerns and needs Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems can provide you with an outweighing amount of advantages. They are a good choice for rooms where ductwork is not feasible or homes that require small air conditioning systems. Upon the installation of this system your comfort should be improved through temperature zoning control options and an increase in energy efficiency.

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